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Sage 100 Contractor 7 Key Features You Must Know

Updated: Jun 5

Sage 100 Contractor is built to help contractors succeed. Using one software, you may easily view any financial data or project status. From critical job costing to inventory management, this cloud-based software will get you covered. Sage 100C features make it easy for contractors to do accounting and project management. There is no need to use other programs to address construction needs when you are using Sage 100C. So, if you're a home builder or a general contractor, you can run your business more effectively with Sage 100C. Let's go over the basic but extremely important features of Sage 100 Contractor.

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7 Key Features of Sage 100 Contractor

1. Job Costing

Inaccurate job cost numbers may be the number one concern for most contractors. Tracking job cost using spreadsheets is no longer working since you lose sight of how the money goes in and out. The job costing feature from Sage 100 Contractor (Sage job costing) gives you accurate expense visibility. Every cost detail can be categorized by job, phase, work order, date, and transaction. You can also understand your cost break out by cost type and code. Moreover, the cost can be well-controlled and overruns can be avoided. The more meticulous your job costs are, the better you are at managing your budget. This would help you to spot issues quicker and protect your profit margins.

2. Accounts Receivable

You can generate bills or credit notes, as well as track retention and payment history. There are many billing options available to meet your requirements. AIA billing, time and materials billing and loan draws are all available. Each billing application provides the previous and current billing applications. Prior billing is meticulously documented, allowing you to double-check transactions as needed.

3. Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable in Sage 100 Contractor is fully integrated. Purchase orders, subcontracts, change orders, job costing, and inventory functions are included. For example, you can enter a purchase order number to complete your invoice entry in one step. The payable invoice window will automatically fill in and perform job costing. This prevents you from being overcharged or receiving items you did not authorize.

4. Payroll

By entering the work, cost code, and labor hours, you can run automated payroll. Payroll calculates exact labor and job costs. For each line on each timecard, all accruals and essential pay items will be calculated. Liability insurance ( based on per $1000) and small tool costs, can also be added. These costs will be posted automatically to job costs in your payroll calculations. Working with Sage 100C, you benefit both your staff and speed up your daily operation.

5. Inventory Management

The inventory control system lets you keep track of your inventory flow. From the time of receipt to consumption, you can track how much particular item you have in stock. You can even check the number of reorders when the stock is low. With Sage 100 Contractor, you can create inventory locations. From many locations and service trucks, you can manage basic stock, and serialized items.

Furthermore, Sage 100 Contractor Inventory can offer you:

  • Automated restocking reports

  • Material order reports (so you can create POs to vendors )

  • Track inventory by location and serial number

  • Plan purchase using resource report from service work orders

6. Scheduling

With Sage 100 Contractor, you can schedule work and assign employees, and vendors to various tasks. The relevant notices and reports can then be automatically generated. At the time you set, these notices will then be emailed to the suppliers and subcontractors. There are call sheets that list phone numbers, dates, and task descriptions so that each job may be handled efficiently. You may avoid any financial losses by using the scheduling tool to compare the schedule with the real workflow.

7. Reports

Sage 100 Contractor includes over 1200 reports. These reports make their way so you can understand your business easier, and communicate with your clients better. For each section, you can find the menu links to reports. Whether it is an accounts receivable or balance sheet report, there are samples available for your business requirements. There are also customizable reports to best serve you. Any required data can all be drilled down into Dashboard reports with just one mouse click away. Users can change the look of any document, and save money by not purchasing pre-printed forms.

Sage 100 Contractor Pricing

Sage 100 Contractor's pricing is not openly listed on their website. To obtain a quote, you'll need to reach out to their sales team. It's worth noting that their plans offer unlimited transactions, customers, and vendors, a feature that sets them apart from providers with limitations.

Comparing Sage 100 Contractor with other Software

When comparing Sage 100 Contractor with specific alternative software options like Procore, CoConstruct, and Buildertrend, a significant advantage lies in Sage's offering of unlimited transactions, customers, and vendors. This puts Sage ahead, as some of these alternatives may place restrictions on these aspects. However, it's important to note that Sage's pricing information isn't readily available on their website. Unlike the transparent pricing models of other solutions, Sage requires potential customers to reach out to their sales team for personalized quotes. This personalized approach can be beneficial for businesses seeking tailored solutions, although those prioritizing upfront pricing clarity might find it less straightforward.

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