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Expert Bookkeeping and Accounting for Plastic Surgeons

Bookkeeping solutions tailored for plastic surgeons. From meticulous expense tracking to navigating complex tax regulations, we are equipped to address the unique financial demands of your practice, make your business remain efficient and profitable.


Invoicing and Payments

Fractional CFO

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Bookkeeping Services Tailored for Plastic Surgeons

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services designed specifically for plastic surgeons, including options for financing plastic surgery. Our meticulous attention ensures your financial records are accurate, current, and fully compliant with all regulations.

Accounting & Bookkeeping​

Our services are specific to plastic surgery practices, including bank account reconciliation, fixed asset management, financial statement preparation, and comprehensive financial record-keeping.

Financial Reporting

Our offerings include monthly, weekly, and annual financial reports, detailed cash flow projections, and extensive financial analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Accounts Payable

We record all payments to vendors and manage your outgoing expenses efficiently and punctually. We ensure smooth operations from invoice processing to payment disbursements and reconciliations.

Tax Prep & Advisory

We provide strategic tax advice to assist you in navigating the complexities of tax planning, compliance, and optimization. Make your practice benefit from every available tax advantage.

Accounts Receivable

Ensuring timely and accurate receipt of payments from patients and insurance companies is paramount. We manage the invoicing process and track incoming payments.

Fractional CFO

This service is ideal for plastic surgery practices looking to enhance their financial strategy. It includes budgeting, securing financing, performing due diligence, and strategic financial planning.

Unlock Elite Financial Management for The Best Plastic Surgeons

At Irvine Bookkeeping, we ensure seamless management of your plastic surgery practice's finances. We ensure meticulous accounting and strategic allocation of every dollar, including financing options for plastic surgery, through our meticulous approach.

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Invoice Review and Validation

We provide expert invoice review and validation services tailored for plastic surgeons, ensuring every charge—from surgical supplies to staff payroll—is accurate and justified. By meticulously auditing vendor invoices and validating transactions, we reduce your paperwork and enhance your decision-making, fostering operational efficiency and financial transparency.

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Monthly Financial Reporting

Gain insights into your plastic surgery practice's financial landscape with our specialized expense allocation and tracking services, which use a detailed chart of accounts for a plastic surgeon. Our monthly profit and loss (P&L) reports and accounts payable reports provide comprehensive overviews of your practice's financial health. This empowers you to stay informed and make decisions based on solid financial data.

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Eliminate Billing Errors and Headaches

Don't let billing errors impact your practice. Our expert bookkeepers maintain impeccable accuracy in your financial records, helping your plastic surgery practice minimize the risk of costly mistakes and ensure smooth operations.

Fractional CFO Solutions

From budgeting and cash flow projections to securing funding and conducting financial analysis, our expert team provides comprehensive support for plastic surgeons. Our fractional CFO services help your practice operate at its fullest potential, whether you need help with due diligence or strategic planning for the future.

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Let Us Take Bookkeeping Off Your Hand!

The secret to catching up on your books in 2-3 weeks is our professional bookkeepers who work 5 days a week while you focus on your business.

Dedicated & expert bookkeepers

Organized and accurate

Secure data transfer and storage

Responding to emails within 24 hours

Transparent flat-rate pricing

People Love Irvine Bookkeeping

You can rely on our specialists for precise and compliant bookkeeping tailored to plastic surgery practices. We'll expertly manage your financial records, freeing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.


Tyler Q. Dahl


We are on pace to hit 7 figures this year, and I am able to obtain financial reports promptly every Monday for all YTD revenue and costs.
Portrait of a Man

Pablo P.


Not only were they able to help with the last year's books, but they've given me the advice I need in order to grow my business properly.
Happy Man

Bradley M.


Having everything organized, concise, and correct has allowed for smooth business transactions. It's such a reduction in stress!
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We Are The Guardians for Every Dollar that Enters and Exits Your Company

At Irvine Bookkeeping, our seasoned team boasts over 15 years of collective experience in accounting and bookkeeping, having supported more than 150 clients with our extensive services, including specialized financing for plastic surgery. We are committed to delivering the highest level of care and attention. Our clients trust us to provide exceptional, personalized service, tailored to the unique needs of each plastic surgery practice, as evidenced by our impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate.


Why Choose Us for Your Plastic Surgeon's Bookkeeping & Tax Planning Needs

As a plastic surgery practitioner, your primary goal is to provide exceptional care to your patients. Let us handle the complexities of accounting and detailed bookkeeping for you. Below, explore the compelling advantages of entrusting your financial management to us.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

With our bookkeeping services, you can save time and resources and invest them in client care and practice growth, maximizing efficiency, finance, and profitability.

Drive Towards Success

Our bookkeeping services offer not just precision but also effectiveness. We provide the insights and support you need to quickly propel your financial processes to success.

Customized Bookkeeping Systems

Gain peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeping systems are meticulously organized and customized to meet the specific needs of your plastic surgery practice.

Security and Confidence

We provide a confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure agreement, signed by our firm and all employees, ensuring the utmost privacy for your plastic surgery practice.

We Know Your Challenges with Finance and Compliance for Plastic Surgeons


We understand the unique challenges faced by plastic surgery practices. We do more than just balance books; we aim to balance lives. With deep knowledge of the medical practice industry and a dedicated U.S.-based team, we advocate for your financial success. Our specialized knowledge and tools, including a plastic surgeon's account chart, simplify your financial management.

You can trust Irvine Bookkeeping to manage your accounts with experts who understand the specific laws, taxes, and bookkeeping nuances of your field. We use advanced software to streamline your operations and ensure precision in every financial transaction.

Beyond managing your daily financial tasks, Irvine Bookkeeping ensures full IRS compliance and preparedness for industry-specific audits. We are proficient in the complexities of tax regulations for the healthcare industry, IRS guidelines for medical practitioners, and the careful allocation of costs between cosmetic and essential medical procedures.

Supporting Your Success,
From Your Back to Your Books.

Our plastic surgery bookkeeping service safeguards your profits and time. We'll manage your transactions and provide accurate financial reporting so you can focus on making money and serving your clients.

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