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$300 One-time Financial Diagnosis

Stop guessing and start knowing exactly how your business' money flows. Our team will work quickly to identify any areas of concern and compile a report that outlines the issues and the remedy for them.

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Get Your Old Books Inspected

Are you under financial stress?

No idea where your money goes?

Is your current bookkeeping system failing you?

You can't afford thousands more to fix everything?

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The current economic environment has been tough for many small business owners and that's why we built a cost-effective solution for their financial needs - the one-time financial diagnosis. This comprehensive service will determine if your balance sheet, profit and loss and other statements have any outstanding issues and if so, our tried and true solutions are tailor made to fix any problems. All of this for just $300.00.

Find Out How Up-to-Date Books Benefit Your Business

With complete financial visibility, you'll find a new confidence when making important business decisions.

Increased Focus On Core Business

You have more time to devote to growing your company.

Prepared for
Tax Season

Compliance is a breeze with up-to-date books. Save money with zero tax penalties and violations.

Clear View of Your Finances

A complete view of your business' finances means informed decision making.

Compliant With
Tax Laws

You can always comply with legal regulations, prevent tax violations, and maximize your tax savings.

Easy Integration With Accounting Software

Up-to-date bookkeeping allows you to seamlessly connect to the latest software solutions.

Cash Flow

Invoicing clients and paying suppliers on-time will give you complete cash flow understanding.

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Have Your Books Methodically Examined!

Running a business is hard enough, don't make it harder by guessing where you stand financially. Get your financial diagnosis today and if the results are disorganized, no worries, our catch-up bookkeeping service can tidy things up and get your business back on track.


Reclaim Financial Clarity for Your Entire Business

We have performed this diagnostic service for decades but only recently gave it a formal name. Our customers have found the One-Time Diagnosis was the most enlightening offering in the market empowering their accounting and tax planning.

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We will be looking into your financial statements, learning about your company setup, and showing you: 

Are your current books get updated to date?

Is there missing data in your accounting?

What can you do to reconcile all accounts to date?

Are your books salvageable or is a catch-up service required?

How Does It Work?

People Love Our One-Time Diagnosis Service!

"I like the report a lot. It's really nice of you to perform the diagnostic test. Now we can decide to proceed with your suggestion to further break down our COGS. Thank you very much!"

Kathy - Business Owner

Find Out How Just $300 Can Save You Thousands

Sky high inflation and rising interest rates might have made everything else more expensive but our One-Time Diagnosis service is the best value you'll find in the accounting industry. Get expert analysis and advice on your company's finances at a cost that will likely end up saving you money.

Sample Financial Diagnosis Report

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Other Services With Fixed & Flat Pricing

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Find yourself behind years of bookkeeping? Don't fret, our Catch Up Service can get a year's worth of bookkeeping done in 2-3 weeks.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Let us handle your Monthly Bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business and fully understand where your money is coming from and going to.

Tax Prep & Advisory

Make the most of your tax deductions and credits, avoid costly penalties and pass audits with our Tax Advisory Service.

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Get a Financial Check-Up, Secure Your Business Future

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