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$300 One-time Financial Diagnosis

​Uncover What's Broken Within Your Firm’s Money. 
Quick. Affordable. Effective.

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Get Your Old Books Inspected

Are you under financial stress?

No idea where the money goes?

Still paying for the books that no longer work?

You can't afford thousands more to fix everything?

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Irvine Bookkeeping is with you during this time of recession. That’s why a cost-effective business solution has been built - a one-time financial diagnosis - to help you see if your balance sheets or profit and loss statements have a problem and obtain expert solutions starting at only $300.

How Your Up-to-Date Books Benefit Your Business

As you read the summary report and work on it, you will realize that having your books in order pays off.

More Focus On
Core Business

You have more time to devote to growing your company.

Prepared for
Tax Season

You won't have to worry about rushing to organize your receipts and close the books before tax time.

Clear View of Your Finances

You get a complete view of your business finances and make more smart decisions.

Compliant With
Tax Laws

You can always comply with legal regulations, prevent tax violations, and maximize your tax savings.

Easy Integration With Accounting Software

You can easily connect with software, and create monthly financial statements.


You can invoice clients and suppliers on time, keep your business's cash flow stable, and even get paid faster. 

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No more outdated data.
Catch up with us today!

Running a business is hard enough, don't make it harder by guessing where you stand financially. Get a financial diagnosis today and if the results are messy, no worries, let's use our catch-up bookkeeping service to tidy things up and get your business back on track.


Reclaim Financial Clarity for The Entire Business

Irvine Bookkeeping has invested time and effort into this new solution so that you can take the first step toward accurate and easy bookkeeping.

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We will be looking into your financial statements, learning about your company setup, and showing you: 

Are your current books get updated to date?

How many months are missed from the accounting software?

What can you do to reconcile all accounts to date?

Whether or not should you get rid of your old and broken books.

How Does It Work?

How People Love Our Diagnostic Report

"I like the report a lot. It's really nice of you to perform the diagnostic test. Now we can decide to proceed with your suggestion to further break down our COGS. Thank you very much!"

Kathy - Business Owner

Saving You Countless Dollars due to Errors for Just $300

In this time of potentially high inflation, what could be more reasonable than $300 to get a quick summary of your finances' problems and suggestions for improvement? Get expert analysis and advice on your company's finances at a price that helps you avoid making more expensive mistakes.

Financial Report Inspection Sample

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Other Services With Fixed & Flat Pricing

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Ensure tax-ready records.

Catch up on a year's bookkeeping in just 2-3 weeks from today!

Monthly Bookkeeping

Get updated financial data, reconciled transactions, & real-time reports for optimal insights and growth.

Tax Prep & Advisory

Get every deduction you deserve. Avoid penalties and pass audits with tax advisory support.

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Get a Financial Check-Up, Secure Your Business Future

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