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Sage 100 Contractor: 5 Benefits to Improve Your Business

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Sage 100 Contractor is accounting software and construction project management. Its focus is on the construction industry and is built to meet all contractor's needs. With Sage 100 Contractor, contractors are enabled to get quick access to real-time data. All processes are streamlined, and contractors can take full control of their businesses.

Despite its usefulness, not all contractors can entirely understand how Sage 100 Contractor can benefit their businesses. Let's dive into some benefits of Sage 100 Contractor, to enhance your construction work better.

sage 100 contractor benefits


Streamline The Construction Processes

Construction projects inherently involve a complex web of interconnected tasks, from resource allocation to financial management. Efficient and effective streamlining of these processes is paramount for timely project completion and cost optimization. With Sage 100C at the core of our offerings at Irvine Bookkeeping Services, we've seamlessly integrated numerous construction processes. This integration not only eradicates redundancies but also fortifies the project's foundation, ensuring each phase is executed with precision and consistency.

Secure Construction Data

In an age where data breaches are unfortunately becoming more commonplace, safeguarding sensitive information is crucial. The construction industry, with its vast repository of proprietary data, financials, and contractual obligations, is particularly vulnerable. Irvine Bookkeeping Services is acutely aware of the significance of data security. Our utilization of Sage 100 Contractor is a testament to our commitment. Its robust security mechanisms provide a bulwark against potential cyber threats, ensuring that our client's data integrity remains inviolate.

5 Benefits to Improve Your Business

1. Effective Construction Visibility

It is vital for contractors to see how apparent their firm is. Contractors need to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on their senses. This means that throughout the construction phases, contractors require up-to-date information.

Sage 100 Contractor increases business visibility. It offers a dashboard that is easy to customize. Contractors can view their health business entirely. From aging payables and receivables to cash flow, and so on, users can drill down the specific data they need.

Reports also play a huge role in the decision-making process. Sage 100C provides contractors access to current and comprehensive reports. Then, you can improve your projects and gain more focus. The reports are formatted to your field so that you can absorb data more effectively. Job-status report, overbilling or underbilling, or income statement, Sage got you covered.

Moreover, Sage 100C can enhance business visibility through email alerts. Customizable alerts can be used to get email notifications. You might wish to know if your bank balance is low or if your purchase order amounts have been exceeded. As the issue is noticed on time, you can be more confident in managing your work.

With Sage 100C, you can get access using mobile devices. This is indeed powerful for contractors since now you can know any latest news anywhere, at any time. You don't have to run all the way back from the field to the office to review reports anymore. Problems now can be quickly identified, project contribution is carefully managed. Effective visibility. Excellent results.

2. Streamlined Construction Processes

Any elements that appear to be complicated are made simple with Sage 100 Contractor. Payroll integration comes first. Payroll from many states will be processed in one paycheck. On the same paycheck, there will be accounting for direct labor and overhead costs. Pay rates are set for each certified or union job's payroll.

Sage 100C also makes budget and bid management simpler. After the estimate is finished, the software automatically exports budgets and subcontracts. You can prevent duplicate and incorrect data because of its integration and automation.

Plus, Sage 100 C enhances part pricing and purchasing. It aids in keeping track of vendor prices and exports your estimate at the cheapest cost. The materials purchase order will then be made.

Job progress reporting breaks down each job by cost code, type, phase, or status. Now contractors easily handle their entire finances and operations thanks to clear processes.

3. Secure Construction Data

Restrained access is available to secure the construction data. Contractors can limit access to critical project details, and tasks to authorized personnel. This minimizes the threats to information security.

Moreover, Sage 100 Contractor cloud-hosted software detects any hack footprints. You can stay assured knowing the database is safe and well-controlled.

4. Seamless Software Implementation

As businesses and their structures become more agile and technology-oriented, an important task is to master enterprise software implementation.

Some companies may find themselves struggling with tech adoption. While new technologies are promising to be beneficial, not all of them are easy to use. Sage 100 Contractor is extremely user-friendly to make it easy for contractors. You can feel at ease adapting the software and making the most out of it for your business profitability.

5. Experienced Sage 100 Contractor Support

Sage 100 Contractor support provides you with a support team with expertise in construction. Phone line support is available to give you professional support during intense accounting and tax times. Each time you call, you will get to hear some latest tips to utilize best the software.

Moreover, if you are new to Sage 100C, there are live and online training opportunities. You will be provided with construction training programs and guidance, to tackle business properly. They can aid with your further adoption of technology to improve productivity, boost revenue, and expand your company.

Experienced Sage 100 Contractor Support

The nuances of the construction domain require a support mechanism that transcends generic IT assistance. The value of domain-specific expertise cannot be overstated. Sage 100 Contractor's support is tailored to the construction industry, ensuring that solutions are not just technically sound but contextually relevant. At Construction Bookkeeping Services, we champion this specialized support, leveraging it to ensure our clients can navigate any challenge that comes their way.

Sage 100 Contractor, to put it briefly, is a powerful software program that helps contractors stay informed on their operations through cost analysis or project management. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have outgrown Quickbooks and wish to switch to Sage 100 Contractor. Wherever you are, Irvine Bookkeeping Team is here to serve you.

If you're still unsure whether Sage 100 Contractor is perfect for you, check out this blog!

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