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Cosmetic Surgery Finances with Expert Bookkeeping Services

Specialized bookkeeping services crafted exclusively for cosmetic surgeons. From expense management and revenue tracking to navigating intricate tax codes, our comprehensive bookkeeping services are tailored to meet the specific demands of cosmetic surgeons.


Invoicing and Payments

Fractional CFO

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Bookkeeping Services Tailored for Cosmetic Surgeons

 We offer a suite of specialized bookkeeping services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of cosmetic surgeons. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that your financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant. Allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care to your clients.

Accounting & Bookkeeping​

We customize our services for medical spas. Bank account reconciliation, fixed asset management, financial statement production, and financial record-keeping are crucial for accurate financial management.

Financial Reporting

We go beyond mere compliance to offer profound understanding of your medical spa's functioning. We provide monthly, weekly, and annual financial reports, detailed cash flow projections, and financial analysis.

Accounts Payable

We process all vendor payments and Med Spa's outgoing expenses efficiently and on schedule. We handle all aspects of vendor relationships, from invoice processing to payment disbursements and reconciliations.

Tax Prep & Advisory

We understand the specific needs of medical spas. Our experts prepare and file taxes in order to provide strategic tax advice, helping you navigate the complexities of tax planning, compliance, and optimization.

Accounts Receivable

We guarantee the timely and accurate receipt of payments from our clients. We manage the invoicing process, track incoming payments, and engage in active follow-ups to mitigate delays.

Fractional CFO

We provide your medical spa with the expertise of a chief financial officer, without the full-time expense. This service includes budgeting, obtaining funding, due diligence, and strategic financial planning. 

We'll Take Care of the Cosmetic Surgery Bookkeeping

Irvine Bookkeeping handle your cosmetic surgery bookkeeping seamlessly, ensuring that every dollar is accounted for and allocated wisely.

Invoice Review and Validation - cosmetic.png

Invoice Review and Validation

No more headache of sorting through piles of paperwork. We meticulously review invoices from vendors to ensure accuracy and validity. Whether it's payments for surgical supplies, equipment, or administrative services, we've got you covered.

Monthly Financial Reporting - cosmetic.png

Monthly Financial Reporting

Stay informed about the financial health of your cosmetic surgery practice with our comprehensive monthly Profit and Loss (P&L) reports and accounts payable reports. These detailed insights provide a clear snapshot of your center practice's financial performance. So this enables you to track expenses, identify trends, and plan for the future.

Expense Allocation and Tracking.png

Expense Allocation and Tracking

By accurately recording entries, we provide clarity on where cosmetic surgeon center practice's money is being spent. Our bookkeeper experts record expenses to the appropriate accounts and cost centers, leveraging detailed analysis of invoices and expense reports. Empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Eliminate Billing Errors and Headaches

Don't let billing errors haunt your business. Our meticulous expert bookkeepers are accurate in your financial records. And help your surgical center minimize the risk of costly mistakes and ensure smooth operations.

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Let Us Take Bookkeeping Off Your Hand!

The secret to catching up on your books in 2-3 weeks is our professional bookkeepers who work 5 days a week while you focus on your business.

Dedicated & expert bookkeepers

Organized and accurate

Secure data transfer and storage

Responding to emails within 24 hours

Transparent flat-rate pricing

Discover What Our Clients Say About Irvine Bookkeeping

At Irvine Bookkeeping, our seasoned team boasts over 15 years of collective experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Having served more than 150 clients with our comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services, our experts can assist you with the utmost care. With a staggering 98% customer satisfaction rate, our clients trust Irvine Bookkeeping to deliver exceptional service tailored to their needs.


Tyler Q. Dahl


We are on pace to hit 7 figures this year, and I am able to obtain financial reports promptly every Monday for all YTD revenue and costs.
Portrait of a Man

Pablo P.


Not only were they able to help with the last year's books, but they've given me the advice I need in order to grow my business properly.
Happy Man

Bradley M.


Having everything organized, concise, and correct has allowed for smooth business transactions. It's such a reduction in stress!
Irvinebookkeeping team.png

Specialized Bookkeeper for Cosmetics Surgery Center

Trust our specialists for expert bookkeeping tailored to surgery centers. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, we're dedicated to making your book accurate and compliant. IB handle your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on providing exceptional care.


Choose Us for Your Cosmetic Surgery Bookkeeping Needs

As a cosmetic surgeon, your priority is to provide top-tier surgical care to your patients, Leave your accounting and complex bookkeeping to us. Here are the compelling benefits of entrusting us with your bookkeeping needs:

Save Time, Money, and Resources

With our bookkeeping services, you can save time and resources and invest them in client care and practice growth, maximizing efficiency, finance, and profitability.

Drive Towards Success

Not only accuracy but also effectiveness in bookkeeping and accounting. We provide the insights and support needed to drive your financial process toward success faster.

Customized Bookkeeping Systems

Gain peace of mind knowing that your Medspa bookkeeping systems are organized and tailored to your surgical center's specific needs.

Security and Confidence

We address your financial spa concerns by offering a confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure agreement, signed by our firm and employees.

We Understand Your Needs Like No Other


We understand the industry-specific challenges you face. Our dedicated team specializes in bookkeeping services designed specifically for cosmetic surgeons in Irvine. We possess the expertise and resources to streamline your financial administration.

You can rest easy knowing that Irvine Bookkeeping's experts, well-versed in the laws, taxes, and bookkeeping issues specific to your profession, are handling your accounts. We utilize cutting-edge software to streamline your bookkeeping processes and ensure accuracy in every transaction.

In addition to managing your day-to-day financials, Irvine Bookkeeping ensures that your accounts are fully IRS-compliant and prepared for industry-specific audits. We understand the complexities of healthcare industry tax provisions, IRS regulations for medical practitioners, and the nuances of cost allocation between cosmetic and mandatory medical procedures.

Supporting Your Success,
From Your Back to Your Books.

Our cosmetic surgery bookkeeping service safeguards your profits and time. We'll manage your transactions and provide accurate financial reporting so you can focus on making money and serving your clients.

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