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All About Sage 100 Contractor - Why You Need to Switch to It

Updated: Jun 5

Sage 100 Contractor software is a construction management and accounting software designed to help construction contractors manage their operations effectively. It allows you to manage all aspects of a project, including manager projects, estimating, service operations, and accounting workflows in one place. The Sage price is quote-tailored and not published. This post will talk more clearly about the outstanding features of Sage 100 contractor that construction companies will need.

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What is Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 Contractor is cloud-based accounting software and enterprise resource planning that is designed for small and mid-sized construction contractors and companies. This provides an all-in-one solution for powerful accounting and project tracking for general contractors, service contractors, and home builders.

Sage 100 Contractor helps contractors manage all phases of construction contracts from cost estimating, project scheduling, and job costing in one platform. It customizes dashboards, email alerts, and access to profitability and project status to help contractors manage various projects.

Accounting Features of Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Construction is a complicated software with a huge arrange of features and modules that can be tailored to meet your business needs. It is integrated with different software so you won’t have to use multiple programs to address the different needs of your construction business.

Accounting features:

  • Organize and track your job costing information

  • Create standard invoices, manage AIA billing for progress billings, and generate AIA-compliant invoices if it’s required.

  • Manage purchase order process

  • Keep an eye on your inventory

  • Industry-specific reporting

Construction management features:

  • Design customized reports in any field that are tracked in the system

  • Manage and allocate equipment costs; optimize equipment ROI

  • Manage your budget and complete bids

  • Create reports on accounting, general ledger, accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P), payroll, project management, inventory, estimating, and more.

Why use Sage 100 Contractor

If you’re wondering how to choose the right accounting software or you’re still confused about switching to Sage 100 Contractor, here are the following reasons:

  1. The intuitive dashboard of this software allows easy customization to show key financial reports and data.

  2. Sage 100 Contractor helps you to accurately estimate the costs. It makes it easy to export budgets, estimates, subcontractors, and POs saving you more time and reducing the chance of data entry errors.

  3. Sage 100 accounting is integrated with project management features that give you access to documents and task lists, operation status, daily field reports, and correspondence.

  4. Since it is cloud-based software, you can track your employee’s time and enable the entire team to share and access documents and photos online.

  5. With scheduling features, you can follow up on the work progress of subcontractors. It also shows the critical path and float time, which is useful in project evaluation and review.

In short, this accounting software gives you control of the project costs, processes, subcontractors, and work labor. It gives you real-time updated data to generate accurate reports and make informed decisions. You have an overview of your business and financial vitality.


Set up and Implementing can be difficult and time-consuming since you’ll need to input a lot of accounting and construction data. Additionally, it can be difficult for people with no experience in construction accounting.

According to user feedback on review platforms, there are limitations including not supporting data comparison, and not creating cash statements.

Pricing of Sage 100 Contractor

The price of Sage Contractor is quote-based and it is not published online. You need to contact the Sage support team to request a quote.

Training and User Support

At Irvine Bookkeeping Services, we've seen first-hand how the Sage 100 Contractor's dedicated training modules simplify the onboarding process. The software boasts both in-depth video tutorials and written guides, catering to different learning styles. Moreover, their customer support is impressive, available round-the-clock via phone, live chat, and email. For those who prefer peer insights, Sage's active user community forum is a treasure trove of solutions and best practices.

Security and Data Projection

Data security is paramount at Irvine Bookkeeping. Sage 100 Contractor mirrors our commitment with its top-tier encryption and cloud storage measures. Additionally, the software provides user access controls, allowing businesses to set customized access levels, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential.

Scalability and Growth

One of Sage 100 Contractor's standout features is its scalability. As businesses grow, so do their project complexities. Our clients, from small contractors to large construction firms, find Sage adjusts beautifully to their evolving needs. This future-proof approach ensures that as your projects expand, your software remains steadfast.

Using Sage accounting services, our Construction Bookkeeping can help you streamline your accounting and bookkeeping processes, save time and money, and gain better visibility into your business's financial health.

Irvine Bookkeeping uses Sage software to help businesses manage their finances. Whether you need basic bookkeeping or advanced financial reporting, we can help you reach your financial goals while saving time and reducing errors. Contact us today to learn more and experience stress-free financial management.

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