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Small Business Strategy: Top 4 Benefits of Digital Transformation For Unlocking Successful Business

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

As defined by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and consulting company, the definition of digital transformation is as follows: "Digital transformation is the use of digital technology to change business models, revenue and value "

Not because of trends, but digital transformation brings many benefits to all aspects of business activities: from management to research, business...

Of course, all of us know Google, at first Google was a non-profit organization. But since 2003, Google has launched Google Adwords - an advertising tool, which allows companies to buy ad rankings when users search for information on By 2008, the company's advertising revenue had reached $ 21 billion.

The importance of digital transformation is shown in many aspects, such as reducing operating costs and attracting more customers over the longer term. Thanks to this system, decisions can be made faster and more accurately. Timely transparent report. As a result, the operational efficiency and competitiveness of organizations and businesses have been improved. A successful digital business translates into the following benefits:

1. Removing the distance between departments in the business

In fact, in an enterprise that has not yet converted numbers, there is almost no information linkage between departments. This makes work often clogged for unknown reasons, leading to a series of negative impacts on business operations such as slower service to customers, decreased product sales, reduced revenue, ...

When adopting digital transformation, this meant that the company created a platform that connected all of its internal departments. Each department still has specialized tools and can still communicate with other departments. Through these connections problems can be found, can be prevented before they happen, and they can be dealt with quickly as functions can be seen and coordinated.

2. Increasing transparency and efficiency in the corporate management system

CEOs do not have to wait for employees to send reports via email or paper reports, but can actively view the types of reports they want at any time. This is a huge benefit of digital transformation.

All company activities, from how customers find products, how the accounting department records sales or changes in human resources, are reflected in digital technology tools. This is a specialized business management software. Executives can easily access reports on all aspects of the business. Compared with the previous period, no delays and no unclear will help the CEO manage the business more effectively and transparently.




3. Employee productivity optimization

To decide to hire employees to work, every company hopes to be able to maximize their working abilities, colleges will help companies do this. First of all, low value-added work can be performed automatically by systems without the need for the company to pay employees.

Second, it helps employees have more time to improve their professional knowledge and skills and participate in high value-added work. In addition, digital transformation can also make it easier for managers to evaluate the quality of their employees' work, instead of focusing on input time as before.

4. Improve competitiveness

Companies with a digital background can deploy and run their businesses more efficiently, accurately, and with quality. Digital operations and management solutions increase efficiency from 30 - 40% to 100%. Comparing the impact of digital and traditional transforming businesses can be like a battle between giants and small ones.

Digital transformation helps companies improve their competitiveness, which is also reflected in quick interactions with customers, personalized customer service, better customer service, and more.


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