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Small Business Management: 10 Things business owners have to know

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Although financial management is very important, especially in small businesses for management, many business owners today leave all accounting books to financial staff. To avoid possible unfortunate consequences, business owners can refer to some of the following suggestions. Here are 10 things that business owners should know to manage their businesses.

1. Grasp the knowledge of accounting, can take a basic accounting class if you do not have enough knowledge before entering the business path. Knowing the accounting job not only helps you to manage the books and operation of the business in a general way but also manages almost all business activities.

2. Identify your business type clearly and find an accountant who is well versed in your business type so that you can regularly exchange business information and consult with this accountant.

3. Investing in technology from the beginning is the right thing to do, do not regret a few small costs without using the best accounting software right from the start, it makes accounting work more difficult and takes more time, in the case of new investment, the data synchronization is also complicated.

4. When starting a business, business owners can record their own accounting books, which helps you to hone your accounting knowledge and helps the business save significant costs in the early stages.

5. Build corporate culture from the beginning, take measures to handle fraud, set up employee internal control policies but avoid pressure on employees, set out Employee welfare trends to retain employees, and attract talent.

6. Each month, the manager should compare the balance of the loan, deposit, and interest with the bank's report to compare the figures with the accounting books, to prevent the accountant from making false statements.

7. The monthly cash flow report should be updated on time and monitored regularly to be proactive in cash flow and better financial management.

8. Enterprises can hire reputable and professional business services in the market to save costs for human resources, this is a more ideal choice for small business management

9. Small business owners should prepare monthly financial statements to track the progress of the business in order to promptly make the necessary plans.

10. To be transparent about the cash flow of the business should have a separate account, not personal accounts.


If you, as a business owner, see that you cannot handle accounting on your own, consider hiring an accountancy service for contractors to help you with it.

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