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Acumatica (What Acumatica Is, Benefits, Applications, and Pricing)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Time to make a change! Because changes in the business world are unavoidable, business owners cannot put their labor in danger by standing by and doing nothing. They can no longer afford to have their teams spend hours building outdated spreadsheets before applying conditional formatting to their perfectly balanced figures. These leaders need relevant insights, and they need them now. They need to:

  • do more with less

  • connect data across systems, geographies, and devices

  • enhance the flexible process and customize controls to enable their staff to perform at their very best from any location

Digital transformation has turned into a must to stay current in organizational operations. Leaders demand real-time data insights that only cutting-edge technologies can assist them. Given up-to-date information helps business owners make informed decisions. This is where Acumatica comes in.

What is Acumatica

This article will define Acumatica Cloud ERP and discuss how it benefits business management. We'll go through its special applications and Acumatica pricing as well.

Table Of Content

What is Acumatica

Acumatica is the world’s fastest-growing provider of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP). With customers located around the world, Acumatica provides flexibility, efficiency, and continuity. Acumatica is built for remote and mobile applications. It also provides the collaborative tools of your choice such as financials, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, project management, construction, retail commerce, and field services.

  • Acumatica construction edition

  • Distribution edition

  • Manufacturing edition

  • Retail-ecommerce edition

  • General Business edition

acumatica future -proof platform

Acumatica Benefits

Application Benefits

  • Customize the Acumatica dashboards and reports: You can personalized displays and dashboards.

  • Easy to Integrate: Acumatica offers you an open platform for rapidly embedded integrations. You can integrate your current system and automate tasks.

  • Easy to Use: Easy navigation is made possible by the intuitive interface and consolidated toolbar.

  • Empower Collaboration: You can connect and exchange work easily with modern, cross-module workflows.

  • Consumption-based pricing model: The pricing is determined by the resources used, not the number of users, you can add users, including external partners without added fees.

System Benefits

  • Mobility access: Any user can log in to work from anywhere, at any time, and using any device.

  • Deployment flexibility: Support many deployment options, such as cloud or on-premises, single or scalability.

  • Localization support: Support for localizations in multiple languages, currencies, companies, and countries.

  • Modern security: There are built-in enterprise-grade security features access restrictions and verification.

Acumatica Exceptional Applications

Acumatica utilizes various ERP features such as:

Financial Management

  1. Multi-currency general ledger

  2. AR/AP, cash, tax management

  3. Deferred revenue, fixed assets, expense management

  4. Intercompany accounting

  5. Financial reporting

  6. Recurring revenue and contracts

  7. Bank feeds and automated reconciliation

Inventory Management

  1. Warehouses management with real-time inventory

  2. Lot/serial tracking with expiration dates

  3. Various costing approaches

  4. Matrix items

  5. Automated suggestions for purchases and refills

  6. Kitting and disassembly

Order Management

  1. Sales and purchase orders

  2. Requests and requisitions

  3. Omni-channel order processing

  4. Flexible pricing and discount

  5. Barcode scanning and inventory control

  6. Engineering change control (ECC)

Project Accounting

  1. Project budgeting and cost tracking

  2. Advanced billing: time and materials, fixed price, milestone billing, contract-specific, and hybrid models

  3. Cost allocation and re-billing

  4. Revenue recognition

  5. Change orders and commitment tracking

  6. Approvals and alerts

Customer Management

  1. Sales automation and pipeline management

  2. Lead and opportunity tracking

  3. Integrated marketing

  4. Support and case management

  5. Customer self-service portal

  6. Outlook integration

  7. 360 customer views and reports


  1. Payroll management and reporting

  2. Integrated time entry

  3. Payroll tax integration, filing, and compliance

  4. Benefits and deductions

  5. Flexible pay periods and pay groups

  6. Direct deposit

  7. Overtime pay

  8. Unions, prevailing wages, certified payroll

Field Service Management

  1. Scheduling and dispatch

  2. Service contracts

  3. Equipment and maintenance

  4. Mobile appointment tracking, timekeeping, and workflow

  5. Route planning and management

  6. Warranty tracking

Acumatica Pricing

Acumatica has been trusted by clients globally for just 6 years It is highly ranked because the Acumatica staff focuses on customer satisfaction. As you use Acumatica, you may be familiar with this quote: "Unlimited users, transparent pricing."

The price of Acumatica ERP is decided by your needs, the functionality, and the licensing tier. The price is NOT decided by the total number of users engaged.

As Acumatica partners, Irvinebookkeeping Team will work with you to streamline your business.

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