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Manufacturing Industry: 5 Features ERP Provides

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

In today's market, the manufacturing industry appears to be promising for business owners. Yet, being successful and profitable is not easy. Every stage of the production process must be streamlined. Hence, it is important to handle data and resources effectively and make informed judgments.

An ERP system was developed to address some of the matters that manufacturers faced. It is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP functions to combine all processes into one single platform. It will cover everything from inventory management to accounting or sales order management. With a good ERP system, manufacturers can make data-driven decisions. They can also respond quickly to market changes and improve service quality. In this blog post, we'll explain 5 features that ERP offers.

5 features ERP provides for Manufacturing Industry - ERP system - Inventory Management - sales order management - purchase order management

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1. Inventory Management

It is difficult to balance supply and demand in inventory management. Stocking level optimization might also cause manufacturers to feel overwhelmed. They must also avoid rush orders and stock-out situations.

An ERP improves inventory control. It provides visibility and allows real-time access across locations via a single platform. You no longer need to send your salesperson straight to the warehouse to check how many units your company had. Instead, you can look up the data in the system and be confident that your inventory units are correct.

2. Sales Order Management

If you still conduct sales the old way, this issue can be common. Each salesperson keeps their own spreadsheets with notes, and no two are alike. Out-of-sync processes lead to poor sales outcomes.

With its process automation feature, an ERP can help to speed up sales. The workflow can be integrated with order status settings, status changes, and actions. ERP also allows users to check for each customer order number and manage duplicates. With better workflow, manufacturers can expect to see better sales results and customer retention.

3. Purchase Order Management

Processing purchase orders may be simple when the company is small. However, manufacturers may find it difficult to keep a consistent supply of materials as their businesses grow.

ERP purchase order systems can help firms save money and improve vendor relationships. It can manage and automate your global purchasing procedures. Other ERP solutions may offer a more adaptable user interface. This allows you to tailor reports and dashboards to access any information you need. Access to correct data allows businesses to remain stable in their purchase order management.

4. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Manufacturers may face inventory shortages, poor customer service, or costly rush orders if they fail to use material requirements planning properly.

An MRP ERP creates time-phased manufacturing to ensure resources are purchased in time. It also provides precise material plans to guarantee that production materials are available. This enhances resource scheduling so that machine, work center, and labor resources are used to their full potential. With a proper MRP, businesses can gain profits and satisfy their customers' requirements.

5. Financial Management

Not only the manufacturing industry, but other sectors may also find financial management typical yet challenging. Obsolete or inaccurate reports can hinder business owners to make informed decisions. This can affect negatively the outcome and make the business inefficient.

ERP systems provide immediate visibility into data for budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. This helps managers make more informed decisions. ERP makes life easier, assisting financial staff to increase their daily work effectiveness.

If you like these features, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a complete cloud system. It has been specifically created to satisfy the demands of the manufacturing industry. With Acumatica, you can gain real-time information and complete control over your business. If you have any questions concerning Acumatica, you may contact Irvine Bookkeeping Team. Let's start driving efficiency and growing your business now!

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