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What is Outsourcing? Five Type of Outsourcing

You’ve taken every ounce of courage and faith to start up your own business. Congrats! You’re enjoying the independence, flexibility, and sense of fulfillment that being your own boss brings to you. However, you’re starting to realize that running everything by yourself takes more time and effort than expected, especially when you’re not trained to do the work that needs expert opinions.

You might want to consider outsourcing some of the unavoidable and boring business tasks as a solution to lift some weights off your shoulders, avoid burnout, and focus most of your time on strategic activities.

What is outsourcing, you may ask? Outsourcing is the way that some companies call for a third-party provider for service or product, rather than handling it in-house. Outsourcing for small businesses is essentially better than growing an in-house team since business owners can focus on their development work while having other important tasks handled professionally by outsourced experts. Outsourcing allows your business to cut costs, manage risks better, and improve work efficiency.

Here are some of the key areas that small business owners can consider to outsource.

1. Outsourcing Administrative services for small business

Scheduling meetings, booking flights and hotels, answering phones, basic data entry. All of which are so familiar to you since you’ve probably spent a lot of time on these tasks already. These are very easy tasks that you needn’t focus on, but it’s still necessary either way. It’s one of the easiest and most affordable tasks to outsource.

Virtual assistants or receptionists are becoming more common, especially for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who work out of the office. By working virtually, you don’t have to provide them with dedicated offices or devices. The only cost you have to budget is the hourly wage for your assistant. There’s a number of websites that connect small businesses with a virtual assistant, so you can spend little to no time recruit for the right person and one step closer to focus on more high-demand tasks for your business.






2. Outsourcing Bookkeeping services for small business

Accounting is one of the most outsourced areas. It seems that business owners have some kind of fear of numbers, or in this case, too many numbers at once. If you’re not a financial expert, then it can take a lot of time and effort to learn the process and compliance standards your company must meet.

One part of accounting is bookkeeping. If you want to have someone to manage and organize your bills, transaction, or accounts payables and receivables, outsource a bookkeeper will be great for your business. Once your books are organized and cleaned up, your loans or taxing can be processed faster, which brings efficiency and save time and cost.

3. Outsourcing Marketing services for small business

Marketing, including content creation, web design, advertising, and public relations, is a key element in running a successful business but can take a lot of time and money if you lack the expertise needed to transform the ROI from your efforts.

In detail about outsourcing marketers for your business and why you need them, you can always ask for a consultant to see if your business’ needs align with their services. For example, if you want to grow your presence on social media, ask them for experts in social media planning, and analyzing is better than a full-service package.

4. Outsourcing Market research for small business

Is there something you want to know more about your target audience? Will this about-to-launch product make them want to buy it, or will it be something they need? What about your competitors, or more, the industry? Proper research is key, especially for small businesses. You wouldn’t know your target audience as well as you think you do.

So, if you don’t want to spend days and nights which comes into months surveying your target audience, consider outsourcing a research firm. They also have more resources to bring in the results you want.

5. Outsourcing HR services for small business

Human resources (or HR) includes managing personnel functions, hiring, training, and legal expertise. The most common task to outsource is recruitment, which is to bring in qualified candidates for new positions. HR outsourcing reduces the fixed cost of managing employees. Small businesses save time and effort by hiring HR firms since the talent and infrastructure are already in place.


If you, as a business owner, see that you cannot handle accounting on your own, consider hiring an accountancy service for contractors to help you with it.

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