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How To Increase Law Firm Revenue in 2023

Updated: Feb 29

Business success and sustainability are dependent on revenue. This metric is also critical to accounting and law firm bookkeeping, law firm owners who want to grow their firms and improve their profitability.

An increase in revenue is obviously a good thing. Do you know how much revenue your law firm needs to scale and grow?

Let's talk about the revenue of a law firm in this post. We'll go over the key factors that impact revenue in law firms as well as suggestions on how to increase revenue. It can help you increase your firm's revenue and measure its success-and help set more accurate revenue goals.

Key factors that impact revenue in law firms

What factors impact law firm revenue optimization?

There is no single formula to figure out the average law firm revenue, but the following factors and statistics impact it substantially:


As noted in the Martindale-Avvo Attorney Compensation Report, female lawyers are generally paid less than male lawyers. Women attorneys have reported bringing in 35% less income in 2019 than men.


Attorney hourly rates in certain states can be higher due to factors like costs of living. In some fields, lawyers can make more money per hour by charging higher rates. The lawyers in New York, for instance, charge up to $485 an hour. Attorneys in Indiana often charge only $331 an hour as the highest average rate.

Practice area

The potential law firm revenue can generate within a given region depends very much on the practice areas in which they are engaged. As an example, intellectual property law firms charge $324 per hour on average, according to the Legal Trends Report for 2020. By comparison, juvenile law firms charge just $87 per hour on average.

Type of client

Lawyers' income and the revenue of firms depend on the composition of their client bases. Firms may have a mixture of consumer and business clients.

In 2019, attorneys who focus on consumer legal services earned an average of $181,000 according to the Martindale-Avvo Attorney Compensation Report. In contrast, lawyers serving businesses earned on average $238,000. In 2019, attorneys serving both consumers and businesses earned an average of $175,000.

Billing structure

According to Martindale-Avvo's Attorney Compensation Report, 77% of attorneys charge by the hour. Billing structures such as hourly charges can be quite unpredictable. However, other structures such as fixed-fee billing can lower the risk. A solo law firm's fee structure could have an impact on revenue. According to a Martindale report, 60% of solos use a fixed fee structure to charge clients.

7 Ways to Boost Law Firm Revenue

1. A fundamental financial strategy is necessary

law firm revenue optimization

It will be very difficult for a law firm bookkeeping to identify and fix economic problems without a forecast profit and cost financial plan. Based on the firm's past experience. To get law firm revenue optimization, a fundamental financial strategy should include estimates of revenue and expenditures, and it should allow lawyers to be prepared for unexpected outcomes and avoid financial inconveniences. Monitoring financial data regularly will help you identify errors, so you can take corrective measures.

2. Install a firewall between the time-tracking and invoicing processes.

Getting all billable time entered should not happen at the end of each month during the process of creating draft invoices. If possible, eliminate the time between working on a billable item and entering time on the bill. This is one of the ways to get law firm revenue optimization. Review and confirm all time entries every week.

3. Make sure all time entries are entered by the end of each workday.

It is common for associates to wait until Friday at 5 p.m. in order to calculate and enter their weekly hours. There are a lot of blank spaces, as they try to reach the 40-hour mark. There's no need to guess the time at the end of the week once they enter and check the time at the end of each day.



4. Record all time, not just billable time.

By doing so, your time becomes truly valuable. By knowing where all of their time has been spent, senior partners can adjust and shift resources as necessary to maximize efficiency.

5. Review missing time once a week.

Were we talking about separating time-keeping and billing earlier? Make your billing person responsible for reviewing the missed time each Monday. There is very little time for timekeepers to fix any mistakes since there is so little elapsed time.

Usually, the first sign of missing time appears when an individual is reviewing a draft bill. As a result, work can go unfinished for weeks, and lots of time and effort are wasted trying to find the missing hours.

6. Make sure time entries are closed out every week.

Using this method, you can be sure that time is entered on the day the work is completed. In order for timekeepers to not be able to make any changes to the previous week's entries, your timekeeping software must allow you to close out every week.

7. Reducing your expenses

Additionally, law firms can increase revenue by reducing their outgoing expenses. Assess your firm's expenses and reevaluate the ones that are unnecessary. Consider cutting out items that you couldn't need from your budget if you find you are spending money on them.

The pandemic, for example, has shown how effective home-based work can be. You might not really need to rent a big expensive office space, so don't hold on to that expense. It could be financially beneficial to move to a virtual office permanently.

To wrap up, law firms nationwide have been impacted financially by the pandemic, but that won't prevent them from continuing to operate and grow. We hope that with the above tips, lawyers, as well as law firms, can apply to continue to develop their businesses.

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