Updated: Aug 2, 2020

We all have bad money habits. It’s the fact of the matter – we are just human. As business owners, unfortunately, we likely learn money facts the hard way majority of the time. However, whereas we’re gaining experience and learning as we go, negative money behaviours already exist that never ought to have shaped in any cases.

From living with a “pay now, worry later” mindset to overindulging in business expenses you don’t really need (simply because you know payday is right around the corner), many of us face to poor money habits. 

Here are a couple of beginning points to help you handle those common individual cash propensities that affect you and your business.


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Let’s start by identifying some of the bad financial habits that stand between you and financial prowess:

1. Neglecting Your Financial Education

I did not pay enough intention in learning about money until the idea of running my own business came to life. At some point, I picked a copy of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, and that is what occurred to me: My financial knowledge was a bummer.

In case you are on the lucky side and have already acquired some financial knowledge, you’ve got a head start to the race. Otherwise, your knowledge about money is limited to a straightforward earning/spending pattern, then it’s about time you brushed upon it.

Put trust in your bookkeeper/accountant (if you have one), but remember to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business too. The goal here is not to end up financial know-all.

Consider it this way: If you want to change your diet, keeping a food diary is a great step. If you want to change the way you handle money, tools can help you easily capture everything going on in one place.

Solution: Take the time to learn bookkeeping. A handful of quality books on money-management will do for starters.