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Streamline Law Firm Finances
Expert Bookkeeping 
 in Austin

Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to balance your law firm's books? Look no further! Our top-notch bookkeeping services in Austin are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of law firms. From managing client trust accounts to tracking expenses, allowing you to focus on what you do best

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Why Is Bookkeeping Crucial for Attorneys In Austin?

Keep trust accounts
in order

Keep expenses down

Get correct estimates for competitive cases

Get flawless financial records before IRS audits

Tyler Q. Dahl

Law Firm Business Owner

"We hit 7 figures in 2021"

Irvine Bookkeeping is an absolutely essential element of my law firm. We are on pace to hit 7 figures in 2021, and I am able to obtain financial reports promptly every Monday for all YTD revenue and costs (including other customizable reports in my weekly financial reporting packet).

They are also capable of providing me with an accurate and timely 3-way reconciliation report for my IOLTA account! This is done on a weekly basis.


I actually just got off the phone with IB too, and we're working on more detailed projects to hone in on our financial reporting. GREAT!!! As I have full confidence in having them for whatever they can do.

If you have any doubt about whether or not to hire the Irvine Bookkeeping team, STOP. Just make the call and pull the trigger and save yourself some time and a huge headache (and possible disbarment for improper handling of your IOLTA)!

Successful Law Firms in Austin Have Their Own Secret

It's about TIME, ACCURACY, and EFFICIENCY. See what you get when working with us:

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Better money control.
More TIME with your law firm.

Professional bookkeepers utilize our accounting software to efficiently record, organize, and manage your law firm's daily expenses. By handling the catch up bookkeeping tasks, we ensure that you have more time to focus on your law practice.

ACCURACY is guaranteed in every IOLTA trust account.

Manage your cash flow and prevent disbarment by effectively reconciling balance sheet accounts, such as the IOLTA account, using Quickbooks IOLTA accounting.

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See clearly where you’re spending. Decide where you will be improving. EFFICIENCY!

Austin Bookkeeping Services provide the most precise and current Law Firm Bookkeeping and financial reports. By utilizing our services, you can effectively manage your finances, resolve monetary issues, reconcile IOLTA accounts, handle QuickBooks IOLTA accounting, and uncover avenues for growth.

Austin Lawyers,

Are You Worried About Your IOLTA?

Trust Account Liability?
Trust Fund Management?

If you are facing significant challenges with a trust account's IOLTA reconciliation, follow this procedure to discover how Irvine Bookkeeping has assisted other law firms in Austin in attaining financial success.

IOLTA account - iolta reconciliation - quickbooks iolta accounting

Avoid An Accounting Nightmare.
Legal Work Matters To Austin Lawyers.

Austin Bookkeeping Services ensure that you have a firm grip on your finances and law firm bookkeeping, allowing you to devote your attention to assisting your clients without worrying about monetary matters.

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Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Get the yearly Law Firm Bookkeeping that falls behind cleaned up and current within 2-3 weeks.

Improved Reconciliation

Get matching numbers between multiple sources (business/bank/ IOTLA trust accounts/ IOLTA reconciliation).

Financial Reporting

Get accurate & real-time CFO-level law firm bookkeeping reports by the 15th of each month to help you plan for the future.

Expense Tracking & Management

Get to see your law finance as a whole, wherever your need, not to miss a receipt.

Improved Invoicing

Austin bookkeeping services simplify your invoicing process with law firm bookkeeping to spend less time chasing down payments.

Tax Prep

Get your tax filing going smoothly from preparation to filing and even potential auditing.

Tax Advisory

Get exact cash flow predictions to develop a better-priced case in the future with our Law Firm Bookkeeping Services.

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Your Gatekeeper For Every Dollar that Enters and Exits Your Law Firm

Austin Bookkeeping Services stands out by championing female bookkeepers. What distinguishes us is our team of exclusively female experts who are exceptionally detail-oriented and well-organized, ensuring no numbers are ever overlooked. Our Law Firm Bookkeeping Services employ trusted software like Quickbooks. We seamlessly integrate ourselves into your team, adapting to your workflow. Your financial partner lawyers in Austin can rely on:

Quick response to all emails within 24hrs

Keep track of all pending tasks, we might need to chase you down with your permission.

One-on-one bookkeeper experts  (get the benefits of a financial staff without a full-time hire).

Secure data transmission and storage of your Law Firm Bookkeeping

Transparent pricing: flat rate, no guessing, no surprise

Technology-driven workflow and performance (software: Quickbooks)

Simple, Transparent & Flat Pricing For Your Law Firm in Austin

We provide services including Law Firm Bookkeeping services, financial statements (weekly, monthly, and quarterly), trust account reconciliations, IOLTA account, tax preparation, catch up bookkeeping, and advisory services. We also offer catch up bookkeeping, and advisory services to ensure your legal accounting processes in Austin operate smoothly and run with confidence.


 Monthly 1 bank account, 1 credit card

Monthly  Transaction Update

Bank/ Cash Management

Financial Statements

Payroll Reconciliation


 Weekly 2+ bank accounts, 3+ credit card

Weekly  Transaction Update

Bank/ Cash Management

Financial Statements

Payroll Reconciliation

​IOLTA Accounting

3 Ways Reconciliation Report

Loan Tracking

Customer Service & Tech Support with Software


 Weekly 2+ bank accounts, 4credit card

Daily Transaction Update

Bank/ Cash Management

Financial Statements

Payroll Reconciliation

IOLTA Accounting

3 Ways Reconciliation Report

Loan Tracking

Customer Service & Tech Support with Software

AR Management - Daily 

AR: Debt Management

 AP: Process AP Payments via and Schedule Payments by Due Date

Unlimited Email/ Phone/ Zoom Call Support

Financial Statement Analyst

Budget and Planing Service, Maximize Your Resources

Backup for Your Vacationing Workers

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We are only a phone call away so you can get:

Your needs mapped out

Your solutions in place

The most transparent pricing package that makes it easy for you

The latest from Irvine Bookkeeping

, Worry Right!

 IB Takes Care of Bookkeeping, So You Can Grow Your Law Firm.