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Irvine Bookkeeping services specialize in comprehensive tracking of financial transactions within each case. Our precise revenue information assists in identifying areas for improvement and maximizing your law firm's earnings.

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Houston Law Firm Bookkeeping Specializes in Your Community

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Why Is Bookkeeping Crucial for Attorneys in Houston?

Tyler Q. Dahl

Law Firm Business Owner

"We hit 7 figures in 2021"

Irvine Bookkeeping is an absolutely essential element of my law firm. We are on pace to hit 7 figures in 2021, and I am able to obtain financial reports promptly every Monday for all YTD revenue and costs including other customizable reports in my weekly financial reporting packet. They are also capable of providing me with an accurate and timely 3-way reconciliation report for my IOLTA account! This is done on a weekly basis.

I actually just got off the phone with IB too, and we're working on more detailed projects to hone in on our financial reporting. GREAT!!! As I have full confidence in having them for whatever they can do.

If you have any doubt about whether or not to hire the Irvine Bookkeeping team, STOP. Just make the call and pull the trigger and save yourself some time and a huge headache and possible disbarment for improper handling of your IOLTA!

Control your costs and expenses.

Keeps your client trust accounts in compliance.

Create accurate estimates for your clients.

Get flawless financial records before IRS audits.

Successful Law Firms in Houston Have Their Own Secret

It's about time, accuracy, and efficiency. See what you get when working with us:

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Better money control.
More time with your law firm.

Get back on track with Catch Up Bookkeeping & Financial Record Management. Our Accounting Software lets you spend more time on your law practice while keeping accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Accuracy is guaranteed in every IOLTA trust account.

Balance and maintain your business and client trust accounts with QuickBooks IOLTA accounting. Reduce the risk of disbarment for mishandling and receive tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

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See clearly where you’re spending. Decide where you will be improving. Efficiency!

​Get your IOLTA reconciliation, Quickbooks IOLTA accounting, and financials in order with our Houston Bookkeeping Services. We deliver accurate and up-to-date records so you can identify growth opportunities and make smarter decisions.

Avoid an Accounting Nightmare.
Legal Work Matters to Houston Lawyers.

You don't run your law firm to get the money to run you. Our Houston Bookkeeping Services help you keep track of your finances and law firm bookkeeping, so you can focus on helping your clients. 

Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Get the yearly books that fall behind cleaned up and current within 2-3 weeks.

Financial Reporting

Get accurate & real-time CFO-level reports by the 15th of each month to help you plan for the future.

Improved Invoicing

Get your invoicing simplified to minimize wasted time chasing down unpaid invoices.

Tax Advisory

Get to maximize deductions on your firm's expenses. Accurately predict your cash flow.

Improved Reconciliation

Get matching numbers between multiple sources (business/ bank/ IOTLA trust accounts).

Expense Tracking & Management

Get to see your law finance as a whole, wherever your need, not to miss a receipt.

Tax Prep

Get your tax filing going smoothly from preparation to filing and even potential auditing.

Your Gatekeeper for Every Dollar that Enters and Exits Your Law Firm

Get secure and precise Law Firm Bookkeeping Services with Houston's all-female team of dedicated professionals. Let us help your legal practice stay organized and on top of finances with experienced bookkeepers using reliable software like Quickbooks. Rely on our team for success.

Prompt email responses within 24 hours.

Secure data transmission and storage.

Efficient task tracking and follow-up.

Transparent flat-rate pricing.

Dedicated & expert bookkeepers.